01 October, 2018

Ride for Refuge 2018

Ride for Refuge 2018 started out cooler than most cyclists and walkers would have liked.  The ride/walk begins and ends at Covenant Christian Reformed Church on Knowles Ave in the north part of Winnipeg.  From there participants had the choice of a distances and routes from a 5 km walk to a 50 km cycling route heading north out of Winnipeg toward Lockport and then looping back to the starting point.

Nearly 500 people registered to be part of the event in Winnipeg, each in support of one of 24 different charitable organizations.  Eden Health Care Services fielded a team of 21 participants raising $10,255 which is intended to be in support of Recovery of Hope Counselling Services.  The Recovery of Hope teams accounted for the fifth largest contributions in the Winnipeg portion of the event and 62nd out of 193 charities across the country.

Recovery of Hope Program Director, Brad Unger took part in the event even though he’d had a significant injury to his foot earlier in the year.  As pictured at the top of the story, he used a knee-scooter and took part in a portion of the course that was dedicated to those who were walking for their selected charity.  He was the motivation for the rest of the team.

The Winnipeg event is one among many all across Canada.  In total there were 6,320 participants in 1,063 teams registered across the nation.  The goal was to raise $2.5 million and as of end of the ride/walk day $2,096,275 was raised across the country with $191,612 raised in Winnipeg.

Eden Health Care Services is grateful to the participants and to the sponsors who donated to the effort of supporting the work of Recovery of Hope Counseling Services.