07 October, 2019

Ride for Refuge 2019

It was a dark and stormy … day. It was cold it was wet and it didn’t let up much over the course of the ride but it’s a small price to pay when one considers that discomfort and even misery are a part of too many people’s lives. We shared that discomfort but for a moment. The picture at the top of the page is of nine out of the 13 cyclists that took part in the event, raising money for Recovery of Hope.

Ready at the starting line

This the 4th year that Eden Foundation and Recovery of Hope have participated in Ride for Refuge.  This ride is organized by Blue Sea Philanthropy based out of Kitchener, Ontario.  The organization has set up event locations across Canada, to which many charities are invited to participate.

Blue Sea has the registration network in place and all the financial management and receipting functions set and they take care of all those details.  They also provide all the event and site infrastructure and logistics to manage the event.  Each of the individual participating charities merely need to show up and ride.

In Manitoba, the Ride for Refuge takes place in Winnipeg and 13 people participated in the ride for the benefit of Eden Foundation and Recovery of Hope Counselling Service.  These 13 cyclists raised just shy of $8,000.  In Winnipeg, there were 534 participants representing 28 charities and collectively raised $211,000.  There were 6,511 participants in 1,085 teams at 23 locations throughout Canada and collectively they raised $2,319,470.

The benefit for Eden participating in this event under the Blue Sea Philanthropy banner, is that we do not incur costs that would be equal to or greater than what they are charging us.  Neither do we need to process all the logistics needed to serve event participants.  Should the number of participants specifically connected to the Eden organization for this cycling event increase, it might become beneficial to invest our own efforts and abilities to create our own cycling event in or near the immediate vicinity of Winnipeg.  Till that point of critical mass can be achieved, it is in our best interest to continue our relationship with Blue Sea Philanthropy.

We may be wet but we can still smile.

Thank you all for your support!