29 January, 2018

Shoppers ‘Love You’ Campaign Supports the Work of Eden Health Care Services

On Friday January 26th, Zahid Zehri and his staff wrapped up their ‘Love You’ campaign by presenting a cheque for $7,337 to the Eden Foundation.  The Shoppers Drug Mart ‘Love You’ campaign invites visitors to the store to make a contribution to the campaign that has as its primary goal the health and well-being of the community and more specifically, for women.

A challenge that young mothers with pre-school children face, who call Enns Courts ‘home’ is that there hasn’t been any play structure or play area for children to engage in creative play.  This has required young moms to plan for a time away from the home at some other recreational location.  The Eden organization has seen this as an additional and unnecessary stress for moms with young children.  Eden Foundation has committed $12,000 to the construction of a play area directly outside the doors and between the two buildings that make up the 38 suite housing complex in the belief that not only will young children benefit but it will also benefit the well-being of the young moms who live there currently and for future tenants.

Shoppers Drug Mart and Zahid Zehri see the project as fully compatible with their goal in “putting women’s health first”.  As a result of the staff’s efforts and fund-raising of $3,837, Shoppers Community Investment Committee supplemented their work by contributing a further $3,500.

The project is expected to be completed this coming summer/fall season.