15 July, 2019

Visit the Villages Tractor Trek 2019 on a Fine Summer Day

The 12th Annual Visit the Villages Tractor Trek wrapped up on Saturday July 13th.  Weather conditions were ideal.  Sunny and warm without being oppressive and a mild breeze made the drive along the western half of the Old Post Road an enjoyable experience.

Mountain City cairn

The Old Post Road represents an important transportation artery during the early years in the area known in the 1870’s as the West Reserve.  It connected Emerson to small settlements or way-points all the way to Mountain City.  This western terminus was anticipated as being the point at which the soon to be built railway would be passing through.  When the railway was built further north, Mountain City soon disappeared and people migrated to a new settlement that has become Morden.

The Old Post Road; if not always the route that everyone used, became the reference point for people to identify where they lived in relationship to it.  When the Road was in use, it did not follow the neatly laid out grid pattern of roads we see today but rather meandered in a northwesterly direction from Emerson.  The Visit the Villages Tractor Trek made every effort to follow the Old Road but did so using the grid roads that make up our landscape today.

Leaving Stanley Park

Forty-five tractors took part in this year’s event and it being a fund-raising event, the total amount raised was $51,000 for the work Eden Health Care Services that included financial support from 26 businesses.  Another important contributing component in making the Trek a reality each year are the volunteers who come out to help.  This year we had 12 people come help us make the event a success.  The organizers for Visit the Villages are very grateful to each of the people who were part of this 12th Tractor Trek.

A full collection of pictures will be available shortly and will be available through this site.

CEO Kym Kaufmann

Donations in support of Visit the Villages Tractor Trek are still being accepted and can be made on-line HERE.