30 June, 2017

Winkler Store Lends A Hand To Eden Foundation

Zahid Zehri (middle left), owner of Winkler Shoppers Drug Mart presented Mackenzie Hiebert (middle right) of Eden Health Care Services with a cheque for $2,300. The money will subsidize the cost of various exercise programs offered to people dealing with mental health issues in the community.

Women’s health was the primary focus of Winkler’s Shoppers Drug Mart donation to Eden Health Care Services.

With the $385 donation collected at the spring gala, store owner Zahid Zehri said he would like to see the money be used to influence women’s mental health in a positive manner.

“Women are the ones who don’t care about their health much, [because] they put everyone else before them… we want to make sure the women understand that their health is very important. At Shoppers Drug Mart we think that if women are stronger, then definitely our nation will be stronger,” he said.

Zehri said the donation is only a small part of a larger fund they plan to give away. The rest of the amount will come in September when the “Shoppers Love You” campaign, which is geared towards women’s health, begins.

Earl Reimer of Eden Foundation said the donation will go toward funding the Housing and Support Program, more specifically a play structure at Enns Court.

He said this will be useful for single mothers, especially, who live in the residence and cannot divide their time between all their children. This way they are close to home and can watch their children play at the same time.

“We haven’t got something figured out exactly yet, but we’re in the design stages,” Reimer said about the play structure. “This is the seed money that helps that be achieved.”

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