Eden Mental Health Centre

Acute Medical Services

Eden Mental Health Centre

Eden Mental Health Centre is a 30-bed inpatient psychiatric hospital providing acute psychiatric treatment to adult individuals. Admission may be on a voluntary basis via referral or on an involuntary basis as outlined under the Mental Health and Consequential Amendments Act of Manitoba. The inpatient hospital is part of the comprehensive Mental Health program of Southern Health-Santé Sud and Eden Health Care Services. The inpatient program is accessible to all residents of the Southern Health-Santé Sud region. Treatment interventions follow a recovery-oriented approach and are informed by leading practices in acute psychiatry.

Clinical services are delivered within a multi-disciplined approach including doctors (psychiatric specialists and house medical officer), nurses (BN’s BSc psychiatric nursing), psychiatric nursing assistants (PNA’s), therapeutic activity assistants, social workers, spiritual care, psychologist, occupational therapist consultant, music therapist, and pharmacist. The necessary ancillary staff functions required to support the program includes Health Information Services, receptionist, accounting, scheduling, pharmacy technician, administrative support, dietary, maintenance, housekeeping and laundry.

As the only inpatient psychiatric hospital in Southern Health-Santé Sud, Eden Mental Health Centre provides acute inpatient as well as outpatient services for the citizens of the region. This includes direct physician to physician consultation supported by a clinical nurse specialist for triage and pre-clinical assessments for psychiatric consultation, outpatient pharmacy services and a weekly depot clinic program for patients receiving ongoing therapeutic depot medications.

Psychiatric consultation to the community mental health program is directed by the Medical Director, Mental Health Programs; Medical Chief of Staff at Eden Mental Health Centre where all current psychiatric contracts are held.