Segue Winkler

Mature Adult Program

MAP – (Mature Adult Program) is a twelve-week pre-employment program designed to help individuals aged 31–60 who are unemployed and re-entering the workforce to re-evaluate employment options. Participants are provided with four weeks of in-class training, followed by eight weeks of on-the-job work experience and support—the goal being to overcome obstacles and to obtain and maintain full-time employment.

In-class training and discussions are designed to help participants with self-discovery and awareness and cover topics such as values, learning styles, transferrable skills, personality styles, dealing with conflict, etc.

Individuals work on developing résumés, cover letters and completing application forms.

There is no money or payment given to participants during these twelve weeks.


Opportunities Fund for Persons with a Disability Project

Opportunities Fund for Persons with a Disability Project (OPPs) – assists individuals with a disability aged 15–60 who have little or no workforce experience to prepare for and obtain employment or self-employment, and to develop the skills necessary to maintain gainful employment.

The OPPs Fund provides a wage subsidy to employers as an incentive to bring persons with disabilities on board and add to the diversity of their organization. The wage subsidy funding is 80% of minimum wage for a maximum of twelve weeks.

The services enhance the individual’s economic and social well-being, their families and communities, by helping them improve their employability, by increasing and facilitating access to job opportunities and enabling their labour market integration.

The project helps participants by providing employment-related services such as needs assessments, including those that enhance the skills of the participant by providing a work experience, job coaching/mentoring, or enabling them to start their own business.

Persons eligible for this program are required to have their SIN process by the project manager, and have received a diagnosis, or have self-diagnosed with agility, developmental, hearing, learning, mental health concerns, visual speaking, intellectual or motor skills disabilities.