1. Spiritual Care/Spiritual Health (Links)

  • Manitoba Health Information and Knowledge Network (MHIK)
    (MHIK – an online guide whose content reflects the professional & educational needs of spiritual health care and that gathers a variety of online library resources that are most pertinent to spiritual health care.)
  • Spirit of Recovery
    (The Spirit of Recovery Project addresses the need to be informed about spirituality as it relates to mental health and/or addictions.  We provide a resource list that has links to a wide variety of local and online mental health, addictions and spiritual resources.)

2. Spiritual Resources for Faith Communities & Individuals (Links)

3. CARE Program

  • Recovery of Hope
    (The CARE Program is about a congregation’s desire to provide professional counselling for any person, couple or family that needs help in their congregation. Check with your church to see if they participate in this program and how you can access it.)