Visit the Villages Tractor Trek in Fall 2020

Since Visit the Villages Tractor Trek first began, it was an event firmly planted in the middle part of July during a time when crops were in full bloom and the air was sunny and warm; most of the time.  During the planning for this year’s event, it became clear that we’d either have to cancel the event or delay it due to the health concerns surrounding Covid-19.  The decision to delay the event to September allowed us time to make accommodations and host an event responsibly.

The September 19th ride felt very much like a wonderful July day with the sky being slightly overcast and the temperatures comfortably warm.  The trek started; as it always has at Reinland Community Centre and from there wandered northward to Blumengart, Friedensruh, Reinfeld and then into Winkler where the troupe was greeted with a police escort who ushered us out of town on our way to Schanzenfeld and Osterewick before ending up at Pembina Thershermen’s Museum.

Click HERE for pictures of our Trek.

When this event first started those who envisioned it, thought that to have 40 tractors drive 40 miles and collectively raise $40,000 would be a good goal and each year since then that goal has either been achieved or surpassed.  That goal was achieved again this year.

The purpose of the trek is to provide hope, healing and community to those on a mental health journey and this year that is happening by supporting the work of Recovery of Hope counselling services.  The stress of our current health situation is putting a huge strain on all mental health services and Recovery of Hope being a fee-for-service provider, the funds raised through this event go toward making up the difference between what a professional counsellor costs and what any person asking for help can afford to pay.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the event.  Corporate sponsors made it possible for us to pay for items and services needed to make this event a reality and that also meant that every dollar that was given to cyclists in support of their efforts will in fact go to the services for which the money was raised.  Volunteers who were in any way part of the riding experience made it possible for people to enjoy the ride.  Eden Foundation is so very thankful for all the people who were part of this incredible event.

Bookmark Saturday July 10th 2021 for Visit the Villages Tractor Trek.