Volunteers of the Eden Volunteer Program play a vital role in building bridges between patients/clients and the community. Volunteer involvement offers opportunities that cannot be provided by the staff. As a volunteer, not only will you enrich the lives of others, but your life will, in turn, be enriched as you develop friendships and achieve a clearer understanding of mental illness through your participation. Anyone is welcome to be interviewed for a volunteer position. Some volunteer opportunities are flexible while others require a more structured time commitment.

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Community Friends develop a one-on-one relationship with individuals dealing with mental health related issues giving an opportunity for socialization and offering assistance in adjusting to independent community living. (must be 18+ years)

Entertainment/Presentations add variety to the daily schedule of the patients at EMHC. Groups or individuals may bring programs consisting of singing, poetry, instrumental music, table games, gym activities, drama, scripture readings, meditations etc.

Chapel Accompanists assist staff in providing a musical experience for patients during Tuesday and Thursday morning chapel services.

Chapel Leaders provide chapel services for patients at times when the staff chaplain must be absent from the centre.

Volunteer Drivers provide transportation to and from places of employment for individuals experiencing employment barriers and provide transportation for clients as needs are identified by staff.

The Therapy Dog Program gives the opportunity for patients to foster companionship with a volunteer and their dog. The dog provides unconditional love and stimulation to the client.

The Community Choices Program is directed at Linden Place and Enns Court. Volunteers may assist the Program’s Director with activities such as craft sessions, outings, exercise, cooking groups, bowling, movie days, music sessions etc.

Volunteers also assist staff in meeting short-term needs through Miscellaneous Support Roles. This may include sewing/knitting items for the centre, donating woodwork/craft items that can be completed by patients, painting, participating in special building projects, yard work or other various needs as they are identified.

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