We Found ’em!

Finding Jake on Sunday took all afternoon. The task for more than 20 motorcycle riders was find one of two people identified as ‘Jake’, somewhere in a defined area of southern Manitoba. In addition to finding ‘Jake’ riders also find some iconic landmarks and took some pictures. Here’s the LINK that will take you to the collection of pictures that were compiled for your viewing.

The purpose of the ride has always been to get a bunch of motorcyclists together and ride for fun. Recently, a cause has been added to the agenda and that is to support mental health services. The services in greatest need right now, are support for the sliding fee scale of Recovery of Hope and also to support career counselling through Segue Career Options. Our current world health crisis has had a significant impact in people’s lives either by people loosing their employment and the additional emotional and mental stress that vigorous vigilance requires.

Generous sponsors and riders together made more than $5,000 available in support of these efforts.