Visit the Village Tractor Trek 2023!

We are gearing up for the 16th annual Visit the Villages Tractor Trek!  The significance of the Tractor Trek is impacted by the fact that funds raised go to support the work of Eden Health Care Services. This year, we will be starting our trek in Winkler and then visiting the villages on the east side of Hwy 32, with our lunch stop at the Blumengart Colony while making our way back to Winkler. The tractor trek is a fundraising event for Eden Foundation that supports initiatives which are not covered in any agreement with the government in providing mental health services.

This year, the trek begins at the Emmanuel Mennonite Church, Winkler, and will head south down 15th street to Pembina Ave. East down Pembina Ave until we reach Reinfeld. South to Rd 9N, then East until the Blumengart Colony. After a private lunch, the trekkers will head South along RD 15W, then turn west, to Rd 6N, continuing until we reach Neuenberg. Leaving Neuenberg, trekkers will head north on RD 20W back to Pembina Ave E. We’ll head west on Pembina, then north on 15th street back to the Emmanuel Mennonite Church for a private banquet. 

Join us for a trekker send-off by taking part in our community breakfast, 8am at the Emmanuel Mennonite Church! Breakfast is catered by Arlene Dueck, and ALL donations go to Eden Foundation! 

Thanks to the generosity of our local business sponsors, ALL funds raised through the community breakfast, and through donations our trekkers collect will go directly to Eden’s mental health programs and projects!