Visit the Villages Tractor Trek

Visit the Villages Tractor Trek is happening! It’s just going to happen a little later than we’ve become used to. Instead of being an event in early July, it’s being postponed to Saturday 19 September. The delay is going to give us time to make all the necessary adjustments to make very sure we’re complying with the requirements for meeting. With the event being in September, we may also benefit from a further relaxing of restrictions; if we all continue to retain our health and proper social practices to stay healthy.

Our plan is to begin in Reinland for breakfast and then drive through Blumengart Hutterite Colony, then through Winkler along Pembina Ave and from there to Pembina Threshmen’s Museum. We had hoped to add a few extra new activities to the day but given our circumstances this year, it is prudent for us to delay any new features to a new year. Here’s the map of the route for this year.

Visit the Villages Tractor Trek 2020

Visit the Villages Tractor Trek is an important fund-raising event for us and so we do need your engagement in registering for the event and for you to approach your supports as you’ve done in years past to support you again this year. If you’re ready to register, please click HERE and you’ll be taken to our on-line registration page. You of course continue to be welcome in our office to pick up a Registration Form and fill it out just the way you’ve done before.

You should also know that we do have corporate sponsors who are contributing to this event to help make it happen and so we hope you find this encouraging and motivating for you to again consider participating with us in 2020.

When we announced that the year 2020 was going to be a year of renewing our vision, this really isn’t what we had in mind but it definitely has given us the time to re-evaluate what’s important and it certainly has highlighted the increasing need for mental health support for people in our communities.  That’s what your contribution and your efforts are helping to achieve.