Segue Career Options

Whether you could benefit from instruction in interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, and other basic job search skills, have a mental or physical disability limiting your choice of positions, are new to the Canadian job market, or are experiencing other challenges and barriers to finding meaningful work, we have a program to assist you in your employment journey.

All programs are FREE to participants. You’ll find specific eligibility criteria for each of our programs below, but all require that you are eligible to work in Canada and reside within the Southern Health – Santé Sud Health Authority region.

Work Experience

All our programs offer Work Experiences with local businesses, based on your abilities and interests, which allow you to build on your employment skills. These often lead to job offers or open up other opportunities for employment.

Vocational Assessment

EAPD offers Vocational Assessments. These are designed to assist individuals in determining their skills and interests in order to establish employment goals. They can consist of simple interests quizzes or can be a 2-day comprehensive evaluation outlining strengths, interests, and desired workplace conditions.


Follow-up services are available to all participants after completion of a program or after obtaining employment as required. The goal of follow-up services is to assist individuals in maintaining employment and continuing towards their goals.


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EAPD – Employment Assistance for Persons with Disabilities
Located in Winkler
Art Friesen, Employment Facilitator
Jamie Fox, Vocational Assessor

This program is designed to assist individuals with a diagnosed disability in determining employment goals and finding and maintaining competitive employment. These disabilities may include mental illness, physical disabilities, intellectual and learning disabilities, as well as vision and hearing loss. EAPD is funded by the Government of Manitoba.
Our Employment Facilitator will work with you to develop your employment skills such as resume and cover letter writing and interview skills, will assist you in your job search and more. The Employment Facilitator connects with employers to match participants with a job that suits their abilities and interests. Additionally, our Vocational Assessor will evaluate your skills, interests, and abilities through the Vocational Assessment process.


  • Must be 16 years of age or older
  • Must provide proof of a qualifying disability diagnosed or assessed by an appropriate professional
  • Must complete referral process through EAPD Manitoba, Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD), Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), or Family Services and Labour. If you are not currently working with any of these agencies, but you have been diagnosed with a disability, you may be eligible for services through one of the agencies to receive a referral.

Contact Segue in Winkler if you would like more information regarding the referral process or eligibility criteria.

Wellness U30
Located in Winkler and Steinbach.
Wellness U30 is here to help young adults (15-30 years old) who are facing a variety of challenges, such as job uncertainty, rising cost of living, and increasing anxiety.

Through a flexible approach, you will gain access to programming to support you on your journey for more in life, work, and your health.
Options include coaching in employment readiness, confidence-building, adulting, and mental well-being.

From a classroom-setting, one-on-one meetings, or a chat over a simple cup of coffee, Wellness U30 helps you navigate new opportunities.
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Winkler Staff: Fallon Tanguay and Steven Bauer
Steinbach Staff: Brad Klassen and Lindsey Nadeau

JUMP – Job edUcation & Mentoring Project
Located in Winkler
Shane Dubyk, Program Coordinator
Angel Unrau, Community Employment Developer

This program offers 4 weeks of in-class instruction followed by 8 weeks of work experience. The classroom features résumé writing, interview prep and practice, cover letter preparation, communication skills, First Aid/CPR training, and much more!


  • Must be aged 18-60
  • May be on EI or be EI eligible
  • Must be ready for full-time employment

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OPPs – Opportunities for Employment and Skills Development Project
Located in Winkler
Sher Hildebrand, Employment Skills Developer

The Opportunities Project for Employment and Skills Development is funded by the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities. This project is for individuals who identify as having a disability which could include agility, developmental, hearing impairment, mental health, motor skills, speaking, intellectual disabilities, vision loss, or other.

In this program, you will meet one-on-one with the Employment Skills Developer, and can choose from a list of work-related topics in addition to resume and cover letter development and preparing for an interview.
There are limited employer wage subsidies available for incentive and offered in accordance with funding. The wage subsidy is available for a work experience which is a maximum of 12-weeks, reimbursing 80% of minimum wage.


  • Must be aged 15 – 60
  • Must be unemployed or under-employed (Less than 20 hours per week)
  • Must not be on EI or be EI eligible

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