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Stories of Transformation

Four brave people publicly told stories of their personal journey and then watched as Red Threads of Peace Playback Theatre re-enacted what they’d heard.  It was a brand new way to present parts of their mental health journey and help in breaking down the stigma that effected about one out of every five people.

The event took place in Steinbach Mennonite Church on Thursday evening, March 16th.  Guests presenting their stories included someone who is a leader in mental health advocacy and practical capacity building, someone who is in the process of recovery, someone who has been the …

Is Today Really Blue Monday?

Written by Shannon Dueck for Steinbach Online on Monday, 16 January, 2017

Today is the third Monday of January, and that means according to some people it is Blue Monday. But Dick Forbes, who is a Clinical Support Coordinator at the Crisis Stabilization Unit in Steinbach says the history behind today’s nickname is somewhat misleading.

Crisis Stabilization Unit Steinbach

Crisis Stabilization Unit Steinbach

(Crisis Stabilization Unit in Steinbach)According to Forbes, a man from Wales used a mathematical program to help determine which day of the year was most depressing. This included several factors including post-Christmas slowdown, failed New Year’s resolutions and the long and dark evenings.

However, Forbes says this man was a consultant, helping travel …

“Grow Your Moe” for Mental Health

LD Seed Company - "Grow Your Moe" for Mental Health

LD Seed Company – “Grow Your Moe” for Mental Health

Eden Foundation had the pleasure of a visit from Lloyd Wiebe, president of LD Seed Company near Altona.  Lloyd came in to our office with an envelope that included donations from a number of friends and clients who participated in a ‘Grow Your Moe’ fundraising event.

Lloyd also included a note with this message; “For the month of November, LD Seeds put together a “grow your moe” fundraising event to raise money and awareness of men’s health.  At the end of November we met to show off our lovely “moes”

New Eden Support Group Targets Caregivers

Written by Steven Sukkau for on Thursday, 12 January, 2017

Kathryn Newsom, RN at Eden Health Care Services

Kathryn Newsom, RN at Eden Health Care Services, will be facilitating the new Family and Friends Support Group

Caring for a loved one with a mental illness can be daunting.

The stigma attached to having a family member with a mental illness can also be isolating. It’s the reason Kathryn Newsom, RN at Eden Health Care Services, is starting a new support group.

“I like to think of it as an illness like any other one, we just don’t talk about it as often,” she says. “This is taking the next step… come talk about it, you might find your …

Prevention Of Mental Illness Not A Big Enough Priority, Says CMHA Central Exec.

Written by Thomas Guenther for on Wednesday, 21 December, 2016
jordan_friesen_cmhaExecutive Director of CMHA Manitoba–central region, Jordan Friesen.


Around four per cent of healthcare dollars is spent on mental health services in Manitoba.

Executive director of the Canadian Mental Health Association Manitoba–central region, Jordan Friesen, calls it a systemic problem, not limited to the province.

“We see wait lists for services; we see long wait-times to access appropriate care; we see a general strain on the time of clinicians providing direct services,” said Friesen.

More than just more funding, Friesen would like to see prevention of mental illness become more important in the healthcare sector.

“Because the funds are …

Winkler Business Donates To Mental Health Programming

Written by Thomas Guenther for on Wednesday, 14 December, 2016

shoppers_donation_1Zahid Zehri (middle left), owner of Winkler Shoppers Drug Mart presented Mackenzie Hiebert (middle right) of Eden Health Care Services with a cheque for $2,300. The money will subsidize the cost of various exercise programs offered to people dealing with mental health issues in the community.


The heads of Shoppers Drug Mart in Winkler presented the Eden Foundation with a cheque for $2,300 and change Tuesday morning in support of the foundation’s Community Choices program.

“Our target was $1,800, and we did well above. It was a new program. It was a great response from the community,” said …